Online platform


Since 2012 The Ritman Library has been actively sharing knowledge, information and activities to acquaint the widest and most international audience possible with Hermetic thought.


All activities taking place in The Embassy of the Free Mind will also be shared online from now on.

Infinite Fire Webinars

A number of webinars have been recorded in association with the Chair for the History of Hermetic Philosophy featuring Prof. Wouter Hanegraaff, Dr Peter Forshaw and Dr Marco Pasi. They offered a number of in-depth presentations on subjects relating to the collection based on original sources from the collection.

Infinite Fire Interviews

Following the example of the webinars, interviews are regularly held with experts in the field of the collecting areas.


Throughout the years various exhibitions have been organised at home and abroad which have likewise been documented.

Fireworks shows

It has become a tradition on New Year’s Eve to stage a spectacular fireworks show across from Amsterdam’s Westerkerk, each year devoted to a different theme.

Social Media

Interesting texts and images from the collection are shared on the social media of The Ritman Library under various headings on a daily basis.