Amsterdam 750

Invitation: dialogue on Amsterdam's future

Dear Embassy community member,

On 27 October 2025, Amsterdam will be 750 years old. And the city is celebrating it big!

The goal: a city that buzzes like never before!

This is a great time to reflect together. We celebrate what we have achieved in 750 years and look ahead to the future. What will Amsterdam look like if we continue like this, and what will the major social and ecological challenges be like then? What will we celebrate when Amsterdam is 1000 years old?

The current problems have been created by our way of life, our thinking, beliefs and perception of life. And we cannot solve our current problems with the same thinking that created them. To change that, we need new stories of a desirable, hopeful and vibrant future.

We invite you to join us in a dialogue about the essence of life, 'what is a good life?' The City of Amsterdam facilitates Socratic Design Dialogues to explore this collectively, philosophically. Based on the collective wisdom emerging from the dialogues, participants design narrative and imaginative narratives. These new narratives will be presented during the Future Ten Days in June 2025. The Future Ten Days will take place during the anniversary year. Together, we will look ahead to the future of Amsterdam.

You can participate in this dialogue by registering for free by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with the subject 'Amsterdam 1000 years'.

Write in the email who you are and what your motivation is to join this dialogue. Space is limited, we will choose from the applications. Hopefully you will be included and you will automatically receive a confirmation from us. (Perhaps we can organise another meeting at a later date with the people who cannot attend this time). It promises to be a special evening with interesting changemakers & pioneers who want to contribute to a better world. Hope to see you then!

Date: 4 April.
Location: Embassy of the Free Mind.