God, science and our search for meaning - Dan Brown

God, Science and our Search for Meaning

Discover our deepest mysteries

Museon-Omniversum and the Embassy of the Free Mind recently co-hosted the European premiere of the new full dome film God, Science and our Search for Meaning on Thursday 2 May 2024. A film written and narrated by international bestselling author Dan Brown.

Immerse yourself in science and religion to make sense of the world's oldest questions.

About the film

Cultures around the world have asked themselves big questions since the dawn of time, such as: how did the universe come to be, what is its meaning and what is our role in it? Religions, with symbols and rituals, and science have tried to answer them. But the more our scientific knowledge developed, the bigger the questions became. This unique planetarium show explores humanity's oldest questions, offers exciting new possibilities and reveals the surprising interplay between science and religion. With new developments like Artificial Intelligence, our search for meaning is more important than ever. The full dome film can only be seen at Museon-Omniversum from 2 May 2024 in its original, English-language version, no subtitles.