Scotch & Soda x The Embassy of the Free Mind Museum

Scotch & Soda x The Embassy of the Free Mind Museum.

Where Fashion Intersects with Timeless Wisdom.

We are delighted to announce the collaboration between Scotch & Soda, the distinguished Amsterdam fashion brand, and the Embassy of the Free Mind, a renowned museum, both situated in the heart of Amsterdam.

The Embassy of the Free Mind Museum boasts an impressive collection of ancient manuscripts and books on Hermetic wisdom traditions, namely the renowned Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica, which is a highly regarded component of UNESCO's Memory of the World Register.

This exceptional collaboration between a prominent global fashion brand, with 270 outlets worldwide, and our timeless and universal wisdom traditions exemplifies the spirit of our contemporary era. The objective of this initiative is to motivate individuals of all ages to exercise thoughtfulness and make meaningful contributions towards a more prosperous world.

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