Reopening of the Embassy of the Free Mind on 3 June


Will the EFM reopen?

 Yes, you are very welcome to visit again from Wednesday 3 June.


What are the opening hours?

As before, our regular opening hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm.


Can I just turn up at the EFM?

No, you will have to buy a ticket online in advance. This is also necessary if you just want to visit the café or the garden.


I have a Museumkaart/Stadspas/ICOM pass. Do I still need to book a ticket through the website?

Yes, you must book a ticket prior to your visit. Admission with a valid Museumkaart/Stadspas/ICOM pass is free.


Are there queues? Can I walk straight in?

You are asked to wait in the designated areas if there is a queue. If there is nobody else, simply continue to the front desk.


Are there time slots or can I visit at any time I like?

There are time slots every 15 minutes to a maximum of 4 visitors. Please show up at the appointed time at the museum entrance. Are you here earlier? Please only join the queue when your time slot begins. This will avoid any crowdedness at the entrance. Do you arrive at a later time? There’s a possibility you are unable to visit this time. If it’s very crowded, tickets are valid for a maximum of 3 hours.


Is the exhibition on Jacob Böhme, Eye for the World, still on?

Yes, the exhibition has been extended to 1 August 2020. For more information on the exhibition, click here


How many visitors are allowed in each room and throughout the EFM?

There’s a maximum of 30 visitors throughout the museum. We monitor the number of visitors on the basis of the lockers that are occupied. The maximum number of visitors allowed in each room is indicated in every space.


Can I book a guided tour?

At present, general tours for regular visitors are still not possible. However, every Wednesday at 3.30pm, Rachel Ritman will offer a one-hour guided tour of the Jacob Böhme Eye for the World exhibition for up to 4 visitors. Tickets can be booked in advance through the ticket page on our website. Friends of the Embassy of the Free Mind can book a private tour of the museum for 2 persons. To register as a friend and support us, see our website.

We are also offering a free audio tour in English or in Dutch of some of the highlights in the permanent display.


Is there a fixed route through the museum or am I free to move around?

You are free to move around, but do bear in mind the maximum number of visitors allowed and the fixed route in each room. 


Which precautions have you taken in connection with the Covid-19 virus?

We observe the rules as stated in the Netherlands Museums Association protocol. It means we will carefully monitor the maximum number of visitors. Instructions are provided for you in every space by means of floor graphics. Extra hygiene measures are also in place. You are required to use the hand sanitiser gel at the front desk. In the reading room, you are required to wear the disposable gloves provided.


Can I use the toilets in the EFM?

Yes, there are two toilets available which will be cleaned regularly.


Can I also clean my hands once I’m inside the EFM?

Yes, you are required to clean your hands at the front desk using the hand sanitiser gel provided.


Is it safe to use the cloakroom?

You have to use the lockers provided. There is also a cloakroom where you can leave your coat. There is a limited number of coat hangers to ensure sufficient distance between each coat. 


Are visitors required to wear face masks in the museum?

No. 10m2 per visitor and a minimum distance of 1,5 metres is sufficient to ensure a safe visit.


Can I visit the reading room and consult books?

Yes, the reading room is open though access is limited. If necessary you can take out a book from the reading room and read it elsewhere in the museum (barring the café).


Is the café open?

Yes, the café is open though access is limited. You may place your order in the café and take it out into the garden and sit on one of the available seats. To visit the café, you will also need to book online in advance.


Is it possible to visit the EFM with a school class?

No, unfortunately we cannot accommodate groups or provide tours at this moment. 


Is it possible to pay a group visit to the EFM?

No, to manage visitor traffic we are unfortunately unable to accommodate groups or provide tours. 


Can I organize an event in the EFM (drinks, lectures, dinners &c.)?

If in accordance with the new safety rules and the available capacity, this is definitely still possible. For all information regarding venue hire, click here