Visit us during the Museumnight 2019! Come and discover, see, hear and taste at the Embassy of the Free Mind!

Venue: Embassy of the Free Mind
Address: 123, Keizersgracht, Amsterdam
Date: Saturday 2 November 2019
Time: 19:00 - 02:00
Tickets: via Museumnacht

DISCOVER, HEAR, SEE and TASTE at the Embassy of the Free Mind

Our museum focuses on the wisdom of original thinkers and free minds. A major theme in all our books is the interconnectedness of man, nature and the universe. According to the two thousand-year-old Hermetic wisdom, the source of inspiration for our books, every person is a miraculous and unique combination of senses, intelligence and mind. No two people are alike.

For Museum Night 2019 we have developed some special activities for you to nourish your senses with. We also invite you to take your mind on a journey of exploration.

Since ancient times there has been a visual language of symbols, but it is a language that we have mostly forgotten. You will find two hundred symbolical images in our museum which are taken from our collection of 25.000 books written by original thinkers throughout history. They disclose a reality that is sometimes difficult to express in words, a reality about which we have been asking ourselves questions since the dawn of time.

Questions such as:
Are people born good or evil, or both?
Why is there so much suffering in the world?
Can wisdom only be found in churches and holy books?

Life questions
The Embassy of the Free Mind offers you the opportunity to search for answers to your own questions and we would like you to share your own wisdom and questions with us.



Choose one question that you want to take with you on your exploration of the museum and some images about which you would like to learn more. We would like to hear what you have discovered and what you already knew! We also hope that you will share your discoveries with us. You will get a form on which you can write about your experiences, and if you hand it in at the front desk, you will get an Embassy of the Free Mind goodie bag.



Many people have heard about kabbalah and alchemy, but find it hard to grasp these concepts. Until 16 November you can visit the special exhibition ‘Kabbalah & Alchemy’ in our museum. Do you want to learn what kabbalah really is about, then here’s your chance to find out more! You may ask all your questions during one of the guided tours.


Presentations on alchemical symbolism and kabbalah
Learn more about alchemical symbols and kabbalah by listening to the presentations of students from the BA or MA programme in History of Hermetic Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, who also are volunteers in our museum. They are keen to share their knowledge and tell you about their fascination for these subjects and what they mean to them personally. 

The presentations start at: 

Enjoy a moment of rest while listening to singer/songwriter Joëlle's dreamy songs in the Study Room, and get inspired by the many mysterious images and symbolical illustrations all around you. About a century ago our building, the House with the Heads, housed the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, and that’s why we want to bring back the music in our museum. Talented students from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam perform every third Friday of the month in our lunch concert series in the Grote Sael. During Musuem Night, Joëlle, accompanied by Duleen on viola and José on double bass, will play a selection of her atmospheric songs, which echo her Hindustani roots.
More about Joëlle

Performance times:


During Museum Night you will step into an alchemical laboratory where various interesting drinks are being mixed. An elixir, in alchemy also known as ‘elixir of life’, is a drink which is supposed to have certain medicinal and even life-prolonging qualities. Will our cocktails have these qualities? Come and find out for yourself… There are ten exciting drinks on the menu. Which elixir would you choose?

We look forward to your visit!

Tickets are only available via the website of Museumnacht, order now!